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Mesa might be home to a top ten golf course in Arizona with Las Sendas, but there are plenty of great golf courses in the area. We put together our list of the best courses in Mesa below. 

Top 4 Golf Courses Mesa, AZ 

There are quite a few golf courses in Mesa, but only 4 will be making our list here. These 4 golf courses are not only worth playing if you are staying or live in Mesa, but I would recommend the drive to these courses if you are in Phoenix or Scottsdale as well.

A Robert Trent Jones design that will test every part of your game. This is one of the hardest courses you will play with a course rating of 153, but it's a fun challenge that isn't unfair. 

Dinosaur Moutain at Gold Canyon Resort is located in Gold Canyon, AZ. This course would be number 1 on every list if it were rated on scenary alone. A golf course carved in the dinasaur moutains with massive elevation changes is what you will get here! 

Our #3 ranked course in Mesa would be higher on this list if it wasn't in the middle of a business park. It has a nice variety of holes and the course itself is beautiful. Not to mention you still get some pretty great mountain views in the back drop. 

#4) Sidewinder Golf Club at Gold CAnyon REsort 

Sidewinder is the second course at Gold Canyon Resort. Dino Mountain might be the crown jewel here, but Sidewinder is a fun track as well. This is a perfect pair if you are looking to do a 36 hole day! 

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