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Are you looking for the best golf course to play in Phoenix? Well, you've come to the right place. We understand everyone has different wants when looking for a golf course. We only list the best golf courses and do not accept paid listings because our goal is to make sure YOU have a great experience when you golf in Phoenix.

Top 4 Golf Courses in Phoenix, AZ

Lookout Mountain is a resort course in Phoenix, AZ and if you are looking for views -- you should definately consider this course. 

Conveniently located in Phoenix near the airport, Raven is a popular choice for golfers that want to get a round in on the first or last day of your trip.

This course is literally right across the street from Raven in Phoenix, AZ. Legacy Golf Club is also a great choice for the first or last day of your golf trip.

We have to get at least one muni on this list. Aguila has to be our pick. After playing all the munis a few times a year over the past couple of years. It's just been the most consistent. This course has some awesome views and it really feels like desert golf! 

All of these courses are phisically located in Phoenix, AZ. If you don't mind a short drive you shoud check out the top golf courses in Scottsdale and the Phoenix Metro area.

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There are hundreds of golf courses in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. It can be overwhelming choosing a course or multiple golf courses for your golf trip. We've got you covered. Check out the top 10 golf courses near Phoenix, AZ

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