USGA New Golf Ball Proposal to Stanch Distance

The United States Golf Association and the R&A, golf's governing bodies, are proposing new rule changes surrounding the golf ball. They believe that elite golfers hit the ball too far, and want to shorten the distance they hit to help courses use fewer resources. Here's an FAQ to help you understand the proposed changes.

Who does the new golf ball rule apply to?

The new golf ball rule will only apply to players in "elite competitions." The proposal is designed as an "optional" rule, so it could be event by event. However, the USGA and the R&A hope that every professional tour, including the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour, will adopt the proposal after a feedback period. The NCAA is also expected to use the new ball. The definition of "elite competition" is not entirely clear, and it may be challenging to determine where the line will be drawn. Club championships, mid-amateurs, and four-balls with scratch golfers could all be potential areas of confusion and controversy.

How much shorter will pros hit it under this new rule?

The new ball will make the ball travel roughly five percent shorter, meaning that elite golfers will hit the ball a little bit shorter. The change is expected to be in the range of a 15-yard difference. However, this difference may vary based on the individual player.

What's the reason behind the new rule?

The way top pros have played golf courses has changed quite a bit over the years. As pros hit longer drives, they need the courses to lengthen to keep up — otherwise, the game changes dramatically. Longer courses require more water, maintenance, and money, which is why the governing bodies want courses to use fewer resources.

The USGA and the R&A's proposed new golf ball rules are designed to help courses use fewer resources and prevent them from continually expanding. The rules will only apply to players in "elite competitions," and the new ball will make the ball travel roughly five percent shorter. However, the definition of "elite competition" is not entirely clear, and there may be some confusion and controversy around where to draw the line.

The golf world has been going crazy over this new proposal, but the GOAT himself made the following statement back in 2017 according to golf digest. Was Tiger Woods ahead of everyone else with the upcoming change? We also agree with Tiger, juicing the balls up for us golfers trying to shoot Under Bogey

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