Tiger Woods Ankle Surgery is a Success

After withdrawing from the Masters two weeks ago, the golf world has been worried about Tiger Woods. More people tune in to watch when he is teeing it up, and his return has been great for the game of golf. Tiger is one of the greatest competitors of all-time, but he was struggling to get around Agusta National this year. Unfortunately, he was dealing with an injury that wouldn't allow him to finish. 

Nobody knew exactly what was going on with him, but the statement released by Tigers Team today shed some light on the situation. 

"Earlier today, Tiger Woods underwent a subtalar fusion procedure to address post-traumatic arthritis from his previous talus fracture," the statement said."

"It was performed by Dr Martin O'Malley at HSS Sports Medicine Institute in New York City. He has determined the surgery to be successful."

"Tiger is currently recovering and looks forward to beginning his rehabilitation."

Tiger Woods Ankle Surgery 2023

When Will Tiger Return?

People are already asking the question: "When will Tiger Woods return?" However, we don't think that's a fair question to ask. We've been lucky to see him tee it up again this year and we wish him a speedy recovery. 

We hope Tiger takes his time to heal and hopefully he can fully recover to get back to the game he loves. Whether that be competitively or playing rounds at home with his son Charlie! 

We've been blessed to watch one of the greatest athletes of all time and our team at Under Bogey Golf wishes Tiger the best. 

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