Best Golf Clothes for Women and Men in 2023

Our top 3 brands this year have awesome clothes for both men and women, but we added our favorites in each category as well. 

Featured Brands:

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Top Golf Brands for Men & Women Clothes in 2023

Macade Golf

#1st Rated

Macade Golf 

This isn't exactly a "small company", but they are less known that most and they are quite small compared to the big corporations that dominate the golf industry. They have extremely high quality performance golf clothes for women and men. This is one of our personal favorite brands.

Greyson Golf Clothes 2023

#2 Rated

Greyson Golf Clothing

Greyson Golf is one of the hottest new golf brands in 2023. They've been around for a few years now, but they are now sponsoring popular PGA Tour players like Justin Thomas. They do a great job maintaining a "classy look" while keeping their clothing line trendy and fashionable. This is probably our favorite brand if we don't take price into consideration at all. They are definately on the pricey side, but they have a ton of great looking golf clothes for men and women.

Bad Birdie

#3 Rated

Bad Birdie 

Alright, we are going to keep it a buck with you here. We thought Bad Birdie was falling off at the beginning of the year. I mean, you can only produce so many "loud golf polos" before things start to get repetitive. However, you can't ever complain about the quality of Bad Birdie products and they must've been working hard behind the scene over winter because they have a ton of new releases that are a little more subtle, while still sticking to their original brand. Plus, they have done a great job expanding their womens clothing this year. Needless to say, this company continues to impress and this is a quality brand all round. We are happy they pulled through with the new releases in 2023.

Where to Find Cute Golf Outfits for Women?

Don't worry, we feel your pain. A lot of these brands have good stuff for men, but good womens golf clothes can be tough to find. Check out the best womens golf brands or shop a few of my favs below.

Best Womens Golf Clothing Brands of 2023

Jamie Sadock Golf Clothing

#1st Rated

Jamie Saddock

Jamie Saddock might have the best womens golf clothing when it comes to fashion. If you are looking for cute golf clothes that you can wear on and off the course, this is my top pick from a pure style standpoint. Plus, their stuff is super comfortable as well.

Macade Womens Collection

#2nd Rated

Macade Womens Golf Clothes

We already listed this in our "top brands of 2023", but this one has to be on the list for my personal favorite womens golf brands as well. It's hard to find good golf shorts and my closet is already full of dresses. Macade has the best golf shorts for women and it's not even close. All of their stuff is great, but if you need shorts -- this is the brand! 

Top Men's Only Golf Brands in 2023

If you are looking to up your style this year, these are a few of our favorite newish brands that sell only mens clothing.

Top Mens Clothing

Primo Golf 2023

#1st Rated

Primo Golf 

Primo Golf is popular among the kids and they were one of the first companies to really lean into the "golf joggers", but they have expaned their clothing line and are now offering more than just joggers. The joggers do come in different lengths, so you can customize then to your liking and the new blade collar polos are really top notch as well. 

Chubbies Golf Clothing

#2nd Rated

Chubbies Golf Clothes 

Chubbies has launched some new polos this year and they have become a solid option for "fun prints". Now, I'm not personally a fan of the 6" shorts, but they are good quality if you like that sort of thing. Good news though, they now have an 8" short option as well. Check this brand out in 2023.

Shank it Golf Clothing

#3rd Rated

Shank it Golf 

We bought it because it was funny and returned because the quality products with unique designs. This is a perfect brand for those weekend warriors trying to break 90 and likes to have a little fun out there on the course. We can't give this brand a full 5 star rating yet, but if they keep up the new releases -- they will be there. We've been following this company for a while and they definately deserve a spot on our list this year. This company has the best value on the market right now in our opinion.

Best Golf Brands

There are plenty of golf brands out there, but it's hard to tell what ones are actually good. We like to try out new stuff, but it's easy to be disappointed when you buy a new golf shirt for $90 and it's just some rebranded generic polo drop shipped from China. 

Our favorite new brand of 2022 was Bad Birdie. They have been around for a few years now, but they really upped their game in the womens golf clothes and kids categories last year and we commend them for that. 

Our closets are still full with your traditional corporate brands, but we are slowly phasing out the old and have been filling it up with the new. Now we understand everyone has a different style, but we do our best to purchase and review "new golf brands" on a regular basis to help the everyday golfer find the perfect outfits for them.

Too Many Bad Golf Brands

Everyone is following the online trend of "dropshipping" and everyone is an "influencer" nowadays. With so many people looking to make a quick buck, it can be hard to find honest reviews that you can actually trust.

Only The Best 

At Under Bogey Golf, we only promote golf brands we actually wear and all of our reviews are genuine. At this point, we have purchased products from just about every company and we do this with our own money. We aren't "cheap shoppers", but we do appreciate a quality product that is actually worth the money. Like hey, if a shirt is $100, that's fine. However, it better justify that price tag. We do our best to give you our feedback to help you find quality golf brands that are actually worth the money.

The Best Online Retailers to Buy Golf Clothes

We like to connect you directly with smaller brands to help them make more money and hopefully help them grow into sustainable businesses, but if you are looking for OG brands like: Nike, Adadias, Puma, etc. You can trust these online retailers to give you a fair price! 

TGW Golf Warehouse

Online since 1999

TGW has a variety of golf clothing to fit your needs and it's been a trusted online source for golfers since 1999. We've spent more money here than we would like to admit, but hey, they have a lot of stuff and the store is easy to use! 

PGA Superstore 

The offical store of the PGA Tour 

If you are looking to buy something you saw on Tour last week, this is probably the right store for you. They are a trusted company with retail locations all around the US, so when you order from them, you typically recieve your order quickly. 

Carls Golfland 

You've seen the commercials 

If you watch golf at all, you have seen the catchy commercials on your TV. This company is similar to TGW, they just have different options. This is probably the place to check out if you are looking to score a good deal on golf clothing. 

Under Bogey Golf Clothing Reviews 

We make it easy for you to check out the best golf clothes and give honest reviews to help you save time and money buying stuff you will actually wear. Every brand fits a little different and it can be annoying ordering stuff online that doesn't fit properly,.

Men and Women Golf Clothes

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