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Top 25 Public Golf Courses Near Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ

Whether you want to play the best premium courses or want to find the best value course in the Phoenix metro area -- we've got you covered! All of the courses listed below are high quality options. Simply click on the course to read our reviews and book a tee time directly with them.  (All of these golf courses are within 1 hour of Scottsdale, AZ.)


December 2022  =$199

January 2023 = $199 - $289

February 2023 = $289 - $325

Two beautiful Golf Courses located in McDowell outside of Phoenix. 


December 2022  =$180 - $240

January 2023 = $198 - $304

February 2023 = $313 - $466

This is a true desert golf course located in Peoria, AZ. There is always a debate between number 1 & 2, and for good reason. 

December  2022 Rate: 18 holes = $225-$262 week days and $269 - $310 on weekends


December 2022  = $225 - $310

January 2023 = $259 - $507

February 2023 = $284 - $659

Another true desert golf experience located in the heart of Scottsdale, AZ. This facility has two fantastic 18 hole courses that will not disapoint when it comes to golf or scenary. 

#4.) Grayhawk 


December 2022 Rate = $250-$308

January 2023 Rate = $303 - $356

February 2023 Rate = $358 - $528

Grayhawk is a top notch golf course located in Phoenix, AZ. These are two of the nicest maintained golf courses you will play. 


December 2022  =$120-$150

January 2023 = $136 - $199

February 2023 = $162 - $250

A crenshaw design that is completely different than anything around. This feels like you are playing a links/parkland style course in the middle of the desert. The course is Troon managed, so they always tend to be in great shape!


December 2022  =$241-$282

January 2023 = $266 - $346

February 2023 = $307 - $499

A beautiful course located in Scottsdale. This course can get a little pricy, but it's worth the price. 


December 2022  =$129 - $175

January 2023 = $175 - $200

February 2023 = $175 - $350

A Robert Trent Jones design that will test every part of your game. This is one of the hardest courses you will play with a course rating of 153, but it's a fun challenge that isn't unfair. 


December 2022  =$160 - $228

January 2023 = $175 - $259

February 2023 = $237 - $310

Dinosaur Moutain at Gold Canyon Resort is located in Gold Canyon, AZ. This course would be number 1 on every list if it were rated on scenary alone. A golf course carved in the dinasaur moutains with massive elevation changes is what you will get here! 

Dec 2022 Rate: Champions = $165-$189 | Statium Course = $379

I know, I know this course gets alot of hate, but it is pretty cool playing a PGA Tour stop! It's a fun layout that is fun to play especially if you can get out when the stands are still up. 


Dec 2022 = $152 - $196

January 2023 = $176 - $222 

Whirlwind is easily the best golf course in Chandler, AZ, but this beautiful 36 hole facility deserves it's spot on our top ten courses near phoenix comfortably as well. This doesn't have any serious elevation changes, but the course is beautiful and has a great variety of holes. Not to mention there is not a house to be found on the property!


Dec 2022 = $220 - $275

January 2023 = $250

Legend Trail Golf Club is a great course located in Scottsdale, AZ. 

Dec 2022 Rate = $209 - $251


Dec 2022 = $209 - $249

January 2023 = $237 - $249

February 2023 = $249 - $469

Camelback Golf Club has two 18 hole courses, but Ambiente is the crown jewel of this facility. 


Dec 2022 = $163 - $189

January 2023 = $199 - $249

February 2023 = $199 - $249

They have two completely different designed courses. One course is a links style and the other is parkland, so you can enjoy two different experences at this facility. Plus, it is always very well maintained and the greens are fantastic. 


Dec 2022 = $169 - $222

January 2023 = $209 - $226

February 2023 = No Tee Times  

This resort course has 27 holes. It's a little pricy, but it is always in perfect condition.


December 2022 = $92 - $119

January 2023 = $148 - $195

Verrado golf course in Buckeye, AZ is one of the best golf courses in the west valley. Both 18 hole courses are of high quality, so this is a great choice for those looking for a 36 hole day or just a good value in general. 

Dec 2022 Rate = $109 - $137

A Nicklaus Design in Surprise, AZ. This course design is absolutely brilliant and the facility itself is top notch. You should check this place out before they go fully private.


Dec 2022 = $105 - $126

January 2023 = $135

Another Nicklaus design in the top 25. This course is a great layout and you will get some awesome views.


Dec 2022 = $105 - $118

January 2023 = $174 - $188

February 2023 = $174 - $324

Our #2 ranked course in Mesa would be higher on this list if it wasn't in the middle of a business park. It has a nice variety of holes and the course itself is beautiful. Not to mention you still get some pretty great mountain views in the back drop. 


Dec 2022 = $106 - $128

January 2023 = $133 - $203

February 2023 = $197 - $299

Lookout Mountain is a resort course in Phoenix, AZ and if you are looking for views -- you should definately consider this course. 


Dec 2022 = $160 - $187

January 2023 = $252 - $281

February 2023 = $268 - $416

Another Scenic Golf Course, but this one is located just outside of Scottsdale, AZ in a great location. 


Dec 2022 = $135 - $149

January 2023 = $199 - $219

February 2023 = $199 - $299

Conveniently located in Phoenix near the airport, Raven is a popular choice for golfers that want to get a round in on the first or last day of your trip.

Dec 2022 Rate = $109 - $139


Dec 2022 = $109 - $139

January 2023 = $120 - $130

February 2023 = $250 WM/Super Bowl Week rest of month not released yet. 

This course is literally right across the street from Raven in Phoenix, AZ. Legacy Golf Club is also a great choice for the first or last day of your golf trip.


Dec 2022 = $208 - $241

January 2023 = $275 - $324

February 2023 = Not Available yet

A Luxury resort course located in Scottsdale, AZ. If price isn't a concern -- this course delivers when it comes to quality. 


Dec 2022 = $80 - $102

January 2023 = $105 - $110

February 2023 = Not available yet 


The course is a little "quirky" but you will get some great views and its a fun golf course. Definately advantagous to short ball hitters an this course plays firm, fast and short. 

Dec 2022 Rate = $55 - $80

We have to get at least one muni on this list. Aguila has to be our pick. After playing all the munis a few times a year over the past couple of years. It's just been the most consistent. This course has some awesome views and it really feels like desert golf! 

Mesa/Phoenix/Scottsdale Golf Courses 

This is the most popular golfing destination in the United States and for good reason. These three cities are all within reasonable driving distance, so a lot of people consider this the same area. However, sometimes people like to stay close to where they are staying. If this is you, check out the best courses in the cities below.

Mesa, AZ

Longbow Golf Club Mesa, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

Legacy Golf Club Phoenix, AZ

Scottsdale, AZ

Troon North Monument

Arizona Golf Tips

Arizona is known for its great golfing destinations, with beautiful desert landscapes and many challenging courses. If you are planning to play golf in Arizona, here are some tips to help you make the most of your trip:

Plan your trip: Arizona is a large state with many different golfing destinations, so it is a good idea to plan your trip in advance. Consider factors such as the time of year, the length of your trip, and the types of courses you want to play.

Book your tee times early: Many of Arizona's top golf courses are in high demand, so it is important to book your tee times well in advance. This will ensure that you get the best possible rates and tee times, and it will give you the flexibility to plan your trip.

Bring the right gear: Arizona's desert climate can be hot and dry, so it is important to bring the right gear for your golf trip. This means packing sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water, as well as the appropriate clothing and shoes for the weather.

Be prepared for the challenges of desert golf: Arizona's desert courses can be challenging, with deep bunkers, fast greens, and hazards such as cacti and rocky outcroppings. Be prepared for these challenges, and consider bringing a rangefinder or other aids to help you navigate the course.

Take advantage of the other attractions: In addition to its great golf, Arizona offers many other attractions, such as beautiful national parks, historic landmarks, and vibrant cities. Make sure to plan some time to explore the state and experience all that it has to offer.

Dont Stress!

Arizona Golf Packages

Let Under Bogey Golf Plan your trip for you. Simply let us know a little about your visit and we will make the accommations for you. Whether you want to go on the vip tour or find the best value courses in Arizona -- we are here to make sure your trip is a success!